Have you ever been in one of our group fitness studios or on a treadmill and wondered why the TV screen in front of you is displaying colorful squares with screen names and numbers? Let us introduce you to Myzone.

Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker and heart rate monitor that helps you tailor your workouts specifically to your body, fitness level and the type of results you’re looking for. All of our club locations enable Myzone Fitness Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor technology, so you can monitor your heart rate levels on screens throughout the gym, see calories burned and earn Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) for a spot on the leaderboard.

At FFC, we love Myzone because it helps hold us accountable — and it provides a little friendly competition among our community of members. This competitive spirit really comes to life during our Move2Win challenges, where members compete to earn as many MEPs as they can for a chance to win prizes.

We’re kicking off 2021 with our Winter Move2Win Challenge from January 28 to February 28. This free challenge (all you need is a Myzone belt) is the perfect way to keep you moving during the dog days of winter.

“Move2Win is great motivation to come in and work out, especially to start the new year, and maybe push a little harder than you normally would,” said Jon Baraglia, FFC Regional Director of Operations and Fitness.

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For this Move2Win challenge, everyone who reaches 1300 MEPs will receive 1 guest pass on their account to use for friends and family. Two participants from each club will also take home 1 month of free dues (up to $99.95), one free training session AND one free massage.

To help you rack up those MEPs and move closer to winning prizes, each club location hosts fitness challenges throughout the month to keep you moving and motivated. Members can expect to see at-home workouts, distance challenges featuring different equipment in the club, max rep challenges and more popping up at the clubs in February.

“We try to create as many fitness events as possible to keep people motivated as a group or individually,” Baraglia said.

Leaderboards throughout the club will help you keep track of your MEPs during the challenge and will show you where you rank among fellow members. While the friendly competition is fun, Move2Win can help members gain a better understanding of their fitness routine.

“Myzone helps track your performance during your workout and gives you badges to show progress over time. It creates accountability,” Baraglia said.

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If you already own a Myzone belt, you’ll be automatically registered to participate in the Move2Win challenge. Not a Myzone user yet? No problem. You can purchase a belt at FFC for just $99.95 plus tax. Registration is open to both FFC members and non-members. Head to our website for more information on the Move2Win challenge or to purchase your Myzone belt today.

Post written by FFC Contributor Natalie Casper.