Having choices is wonderful. Having too many choices, however, can be paralyzing. The fitness industry was quick to adapt to at-home workouts and online classes, and here at FFC, we’ve been offering daily workout classes on our Facebook page and on our app, FFC On Demand

While we’re proud of the 250+ classes now available on FFC On Demand, we understand how overwhelming it can be to choose a workout with that many options! If you’re having trouble deciding what your next sweat session should be, take a peek at our breakdown below for some guidance.

All of the classes below can be found in the Fitness section of FFC On Demand. Simply search for the class name and enjoy your workout! You can also filter classes by length, level and style to find workouts to meet your needs.

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If you’re looking to start a new fitness routine, these classes are great for beginners:

Beginner Seated Chair Workout with Christine

Beginner Standing Chair Workout with Antoine

Yoga Basics with Brent

Fundamental Fitness with Cameron

Pilates Basics with Cameron

Have weights at home? Try one of these:

Kettlebell Workout with Sarah

Loaded with Austin

#312 with Kelly

Yoga Sculpt with Emily

Barre Bootcamp with Midnite

If you’re looking for low impact yet highly effective workouts, start with these: 

Pilates Mat with Kristin 

Strength and Mobility with Lara

FitCore with Lara

Yoga For Athletes with David 

Amp’d Up with Lois

Want to know what classes other members are watching? These are the most popular classes on FFC On Demand:

Total Body Blast with Austin

WERQ with Jen

Motiv8 with Becca

30 Minute Workout with Brian

Sunrise Yoga with Elissa

Ready to take a live class? These classes are currently offered weekly on FFC On Demand:

Mondays at 9 AM: Formula 94 with Lois

Tuesdays at 12 PM: Modern Mat with Lois 

Tuesdays at 1 PM: Spinning Interval with Daniela

Wednesdays at 12 PM: Loaded with Austin

Wednesdays at 6:15 PM: Yoga For Athletes with Tom

Thursdays at 9 AM: Chisel with Lois

Fridays at 5:15 PM: Formula 94 with Mari

For instructions on how to register for these live classes and to see the most up-to-date schedule, please head to ffc.com/schedule

Post written by FFC Contributor Natalie Casper.