A VO2 Max Test involves a maximal exercise session conducted on a treadmill or bike, connected to a device that analyzes your exhaled air. The test reveals how much oxygen you utilize during exercise and determines your maximum oxygen consumption capacity. It is a key indicator of endurance. Additionally, the test assesses your ventilatory threshold based on your exhaled air. What are the advantages of this test, and why should you get one? Continue reading to find out, and learn where you can get a VO2 Max Test in Chicago!

Advantages of VO2 Max Assessment

Why should you get the VO2 Max Assessment? The ventilatory threshold represents the exercise intensity at which your muscles tire due to lactic acid accumulation, a level that is not sustainable for long periods. Essentially, it is slightly above your training intensity. Some of the test’s other advantages include:

  • Getting a precise gauge of your present fitness level
  • Crafting of tailored training regimens
  • Estimating your peak endurance capacity for running or cycling

This data helps in evaluating and tracking your fitness level. Through consistent training, your ventilatory threshold can improve and approach your VO2 max level!

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How to Improve Your VO2 Max

Your VO2 max has the potential to improve through specific exercises:

High-intensity training: A highly effective method is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This involves pushing yourself hard for a brief period, resting, and then repeating this process with various exercises. HIIT is optimal with fewer than 3 sessions per week.

High-intensity training for increasing your VO2 Max.
Low-intensity training for increasing your VO2 Max.

Low-intensity training: This involves less intense exercises with minimal or no rest intervals during the workout. Examples of lower-intensity steady-state exercises include running, biking, hiking, and rowing. Although slightly less effective than HIIT for increasing VO2 max, you can perform low-intensity training daily as it is gentler on your body.

Let’s Get Started!

So you’re ready to take the test! Now what? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for your VO2 Max Test in Chicago with Fitness Formula Clubs by emailing nutrition@ffc.com.
  2. Allow 60 minutes for setup, testing, and consultation.
  3. Rest (no intense physical activity) for 24 hours prior to the test.
  4. Fast and eliminate caffeine for 5 hours prior to the test.

Take an important step in your fitness journey by signing up for your VO2 Max Test today!

Post Written by Brianne Baker, Dietetic Graduate Student.