Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) are known by our members to be the best. For 40 years, Fitness Formula Clubs have the best facilities, the best equipment, the best personal trainers, the best group fitness instructors, and so much more. We are honored to have also been named the Best Gyms in Chicago in 2023 by Chicago Reader!

FFC Employees work every single day to provide an excellent experience for everyone they interact with. This accolade from Chicago Reader is such an incredible testament to that. Since 1984, Fitness Formula Clubs have dedicated themselves to growing our Chicago communities to be healthier, stronger, and more fulfilled. Chicago Reader serves as a voice for those communities. Being recognized by Chicago Reader is a humble affirmation of the impact that Fitness Formula Clubs make on Chicago.

We love our FFC employees. Fitness Formula Clubs, however, couldn’t be the Best Gyms in Chicago without our members. Our clubs are so much more than just a place to workout. We not only have the best facilities, equipment, trainers, and instructors, we have built a culture within a community. The foundation of that culture is our extraordinary members. The membership base at Fitness Formula Clubs consist of dedicated, passionate individuals that strive to be better every day and support and encourage fellow members to do the same.

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Let’s Hear from Some FFC Members (and Former Members) Themselves!

I was a member at FFC Gold Coast for 8+ years and can say that it is by far the best gym I’ve ever joined. This gym has a wide variety of high-quality cardio machines (I’ve never had to wait for a machine) and great weight machines that are spread out nicely. The staff is very friendly but not in an annoying way (they’re not following you around asking you to sign up for private training). I’m not into group fitness classes, but I’ve heard good things about their classes. Bottom line is that this gym truly has everything. I recently moved and had to cancel my membership at FFC. As ridiculous as this may sound, canceling my membership was one of the hardest parts of the move. I just toured a gym in my new neighborhood and was so disappointed – I blame FFC Gold Coast for setting my expectations too high!

Olivia G, FFC Gold Coast

There’s an old saying, “you get what you pay for.”  Well sometimes that’s true…and sometimes it’s not. Here, it’s the former. In my combined 3 1/2 years (at FFC) I have never had anyone at any level be anything except friendly. From the people at the reception desk, the trainers, locker room managers and management. Here, trainers are all friendly and will occasionally volunteer technique tips if you are doing an exercise wrong. I’ve never seen that at another club. By the way, if you can afford it, training sessions are a real treat. I have been to around five FFC facilities. They are all spotless. Also, not only do the staff put the weights on the racks, but most of the time the members are considerate in doing so as well. Not only are they on the rack, they actually are in their designated location. Finally, I have found the members to be very polite and considerate.

Edward S, FFC Union Station

Having been a loyal member of FFC East Lakeview for nearly four years, I can confidently say it’s a five-star fitness haven. The staff, over the years, has consistently displayed a remarkable level of professionalism and friendliness. Their dedication to member satisfaction is evident in every interaction. Moreover, the cleanliness of the facility is commendable. The maintenance team does an outstanding job, ensuring a spotless environment that enhances the overall experience. FFC East Lakeview is not just a gym; it’s a place where the staff’s commitment to excellence and the pristine surroundings make every workout enjoyable. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a top-notch fitness experience.

Dustin P, FFC East Lakeview

FFC members are so much more than just avid gym-goers. Paula Bublitz, FFC Elmhurst member, has a “dinner club” with fellow members once a month. Guy Zambetti, another FFC Elmhurst member, is retired and plays pickleball with old and new friends. These intangible aspects to our FFC community are what set us apart. 

As Chicago Reader’s Best Gyms in Chicago, Fitness Formula Clubs are eager to continue to grow and shape our Chicago community. We are hopeful for an even better 2024, building on our strong, 40 year foundation, and leaving our communities and members better than when they found us.

See why Fitness Formula Clubs are the Best Gyms in Chicago and try FFC with a one day free pass!

Post Written by FFC Marketing Manager Sydney Meyer.