Every one of us has different motivations for hitting the gym. Whether we want to be in better shape, improve our health or optimize our strength and speed, there are many ways to go about reaching our goals. Some may choose to work out on their own, join a group fitness class or follow an online workout guide, while others may hire a fitness professional to create a customized exercise program for them. In my case, I chose to hire a personal trainer to get me in the best shape of my life.

My journey started at the beginning of January. I know, very cliché – new year, new me. I wanted a change, and not just a physical change, but a complete transformation physically, mentally and emotionally. I was already hitting the gym on a regular basis, but I needed someone to hold me accountable and push me beyond my limits. I reached out to a personal trainer that I knew had helped get his clients get results. I thought to myself: what do I have to lose?

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The first step with my personal trainer was an introductory phone call followed by an email questionnaire. After I answered the questionnaire, my trainer called me to really dig into why I wanted to make this change for myself. I had just moved across the country after a break up, and I needed help getting in a better head space to work on myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could commit to this next chapter in my fitness journey, and I needed the accountability partner that a personal trainer can provide.

The hard work began with making sure I was set up for success in regards to nutrition. After we were comfortable with my nutrition, we tackled exercise. My programming incorporated early morning cardio sessions and evening lifting sessions where I was able to work off the stress of the work day. My programs were emailed to me on a weekly basis, and I was always excited to see what each week would bring because I could feel the changes taking place. At first, I wasn’t sure I could follow through with the program, but I had to keep in mind why I signed up with my trainer in the first place. Knowing that I could reach out to my trainer at any point for motivation was the best feeling because I knew I wasn’t alone in this journey.

After a few months, my friends started to notice the changes in my physique, which boosted my confidence and motivated me to work even harder knowing that other people were also seeing my results. At the end of the day, it was all about being consistent with my nutrition, cardio and weight lifting, and I could see all the hard work paying off.

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One day, my personal trainer did a side-by side photo comparison from when I started training with him to present day. I couldn’t believe it – my waist was smaller and my back and shoulders were broader. With my permission, he posted this comparison on his Instagram and the feedback we got was incredible. We were both very proud of what I was able to achieve with his coaching.

With all the progress I had made and all the confidence I had gained, I had a new zest for life and decided to become a personal trainer myself. After nearly a year of working with my personal trainer and seeing my own progress, I was able to perform better at work and help my own clients reach their desired results. It feels amazing to see how they have changed since the day we first met. It is so rewarding to make such a positive impact in their lives, just like my personal trainer has in my life. I love coaching people to live healthier lives and seeing the confidence and discipline they gain.

The most common question I get asked is, “You’re a personal trainer, so why do you have a personal trainer?” My response is this: everyone can benefit from having a personal trainer.  Whether you need someone to keep you accountable or someone to push you past your limits, a personal trainer can help you achieve better results. Great athletes didn’t get to where they are now without someone holding them accountable, pushing them, believing in them, and knowing they can do better. So I ask you, what is the reason you are going to hire a personal trainer? What changes do you want to make in your lifestyle? What great results will you achieve with the help of a personal trainer?

Post written by FFC Gold Coast personal trainer Marc Zavala.

Marc is a personal trainer at FFC Gold Coast who is passionate about fitness and helping people go beyond their goals. He believes exercising, building healthy eating habits and having fun are important for overall well-being. He specializes in body transformations, form correction and coaching healthy behaviors to achieve and maintain a healthy way of life. Marc has 7 years of personal training and nutrition coaching under his belt. Contact Marc by email (mzavala@ffc.com) to schedule a complimentary consultation today.