Need a break from watching the news or scrolling through social media? As we adjust to finding our “new normal” during these uncertain times, it’s comforting to know that we can all seek out comedic relief in the same place: Netflix. While enjoying a show can be an excellent distraction from the goings-on of the outside world, our bodies could probably use a break from sitting after a long day of, well, sitting. 

That’s why we put together a workout challenge for three of our favorite feel-good comedies on Netflix: The Office, Schitt’s Creek and The Good Place. An episode of each of these shows clocks in around 20 minutes, so you can squeeze in a laugh and maybe a few burpees during a break from work or before bed.  

Tune in to a random episode, or start the show from the beginning, and get ready to get moving!

The Office

In this NBC sitcom, which aired from 2005-2013, a documentary crew follows the lives of Dundler-Mifflin Paper Company employees.

Anyone in the office goes to the vending machine: 10 Burpees 

Jim looks at the camera: 10 Squats 

Michael laughs at his own joke: 25 Crunches

Pam answers the phone: 20 Lunges

Angela talks about her cats: 10 Push-Ups

Anyone takes a coffee break: 30 Second Wall Sit 

Ryan is referred to as “The Temp”:  20 Reverse Lunges

Dwight talks about being a volunteer sheriff or Assistant Regional Manager: 20 Mountain Climbers 

Michael gathers the team in the conference room: 20 Side Lunges

Anyone visits Toby or Kelly in the Annex: 10 Jump Squats

Schitt’s Creek

This Canadian sitcom premiered in 2015 and follows a wealthy family who loses everything and rebuilds their life in a town called Schitt’s Creek.

Moira changes into a different wig: 30 Bicycle Crunches

Any character visits Cafe Tropical: 15 Squats

David says “Oh my God”: 10 Jump Squats

Any character says “Ew”: 20 Reverse Lunges

Stevie makes a sarcastic remark: 20 Mountain Climbers 

Moira talks about acting: 20 Jumping Jacks

The Jazzagals hold a rehearsal: 30 Second Plank

Roland invites himself along to something: 30 Second Wall Sit

Alexis name drops a celebrity or talks about her past partying lifestyle: 10 Burpees

Ted makes a dad joke: 10 Shoulder Taps 

The Good Place

In NBC’s The Good Place (2016-2020), four people from different walks of life navigate the afterlife together after ending up in “The Good Place.”

Anyone calls for Janet: 10 Burpees

Jason mentions Florida or the Jacksonville Jaguars: 20 Jumping Jacks

Chidi mentions a philosopher or ethics: 20 Squats

Tahani name drops a celebrity: 10 Push Ups

Eleanor tries to say a curse word: 10 Lunges

Anyone from The Bad Place makes an appearance: 30 Second Wall Sit 

The Judge mentions a TV show: 10 Jump Squats

Eleanor calls anyone “Dude”: 20 Crunches 

Chidi has trouble making a decision: 30 Second Plank

Michael makes a speech: 20 Mountain Climbers  

Post written by FFC Contributor Natalie Casper.