On June 6, 2016, I joined the FFC West Loop gym. At that time, I was very bulky and I had no motivation to work out or go to the gym daily. I needed a lifestyle change.

When I began my membership, I was provided a trainer from the FFC front desk for the four initial free training sessions, as well as one additional paid session (the trainer is no longer with FFC).

I still had 5 additional sessions left, so I called Sarah, Fitness Director at FFC West Loop at the time – she made sure got the best trainer in the gym and advised me to work out with Jessica Frank for Pilates.

I started working out with Jessica and loved her commitment towards customers. Her time management and commitment towards client goal impressed me and I asked her to be my trainer for regular sessions and swimming.

Mid-November 2016, doctors recommended me a lifestyle change; I needed to lose weight quickly. I was very scared when my blood work results came back and showed that I really wasn’t healthy.

At that time, Jessica changed my eating habits, helped me with a perfect diet plan and make sure my blood work results returned to normal. In addition, I am now working with Tom Feeny, Fitness Director at FFC West Loop, for one class on Saturday mornings at 8 AM. He is very hard working and his HIIT sessions are good for losing weight and burning calories.

I am thankful to the FFC fitness training team at West Loop for being there, as a partner, and motivating me when I was giving up. Also, a big thank you to Jason, the club general manager, for always listening and improving club equipment, and for being available when members need help.

Overall, the FFC fitness training team at West Loop, Jessica and Tom made me a very healthy person. In the past year, I have lost 30 pounds and cut my waist size down from 36 to 30. I have lost 5% body fat and reduced my BMI by 3%. I completely altered my wardrobe because all my clothes were very loose. I am very thankful for Jessica for being a dependable friend and an awesome trainer.

Post written by FFC West Loop Member Avnit B.

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