Adulting is hard. No one can prepare you for the challenges the real world brings. And I’m not just ranting about the fact that my actions may now have heavily-weighing consequences if made in haste, or that I have long-term retirement savings goals to plan for. Now there are decisions I have to make in real time, every day, as simple as eating better as a lifestyle choice and making an effort to keep to a fitness routine five days a week. I’m realizing that how I treat my body will have a direct impact on how I face each day.

Knowing When It’s Time for a Change

This year, I started a new chapter in my life. My life took a dramatic change of course which forced me to confront many things which I had swept under the rug for a long time. One by one, I dropped bad habits permanently and refocused my perspective because I knew that I had to develop a healthier outlook in terms of food and body image.

Those new, refocused habits include sleeping eight hours every night, eating right, reducing stress and asking for help in my workout. Working in the fashion industry, before this chapter, I’d started to think the norm was being rail-thin like the models. I was constantly doing cardio, which kept me thin but I had no energy to take on the challenges in my life. Although I’d always been ambitious and driven for success, I had trouble building on that success because physically, I was deteriorating. And I couldn’t keep up in the race of the hustle because I was exhausted.

Joining FFC Lincoln Park was the thread that tied all of the positive changes into my life together and helped me get back into a fitness routine. Admittedly, it was intimidating thinking about going back to a gym where everyone seemed very serious about their workouts. After meeting some of the staff on day one, though, that angst quickly flew out the window.

I’d never met such a supportive and welcoming team of people at a gym before. And this time, I was going to utilize all of the amenities, incorporate strength training into my daily regimen, and actually sign up for the one-on-one training sessions. From the first day, I knew I had made the best decision I could to have something to work at for myself.

What Happened When I Introduced a Trainer Into My Fitness Routine

FFC Lincoln Park personal trainer Kara Mraz was assigned to be my trainer for the free new join sessions which would give me the opportunity to earn my sign up fee back in FFC bucks. We sat down for a consultation and I explained that I was on the pathway to be dedicated to a year of success and prosperity.

What I wanted were fitness routines to incorporate into my daily regimen. I didn’t want an intense workout simply to lose weight or focus on one part of my body. I needed to strengthen every part of me and be able to accept the changes that would follow, even if that meant I would gain weight in muscle.

Kara knew exactly what to do and put me to work right away. She pushed me beyond the limits of what I was comfortable with, and helped me realize that there is no such thing as failure. If I couldn’t do all of the reps, I’d do them until I couldn’t do any more. And then I’d be driven to work out harder the next time around. She was always encouraging me, creating fun workout routines that made the hour fly by so quickly I’d hardly notice my time with her was up.

In her follow-ups, she’d ask how I was feeling, if I was seeing progress and whether I was happy with the workouts she created. Every time, I could honestly say I was seeing immediate results and that I couldn’t wait for the next session with her. While working with Kara, I also got to know the rest of the Lincoln Park team, who now are always shouting out support when they see me working out on my own. How awesome is that?

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Healthy Habits Are Here to Stay

After just one month back in a fitness routine, I was right on track with where I knew I wanted to be. I looked better than before, felt healthier and full of energy, and I woke up every day with the ambition to make the most of my day. And not to mention, I had Kara, the FFC Lincoln Park team and my boyfriend at the gym, encouraging me to keep up the pace.

Before I knew it, my sessions were up. I can say I was pretty sad that I wasn’t going to be seeing Kara regularly at the gym anymore. With her help and her positive outlook in life, she’s set a great example for me: to be strong in my approach in life and tackle the obstacles that come my way. I am in charge of my own life, and I set the benchmarks to surpass to become a better person. So I have to ask, what’s stopping you? Join me in this beautiful journey of life and take the next steps to become what you want to become. Onward and upwards.

Post written by FFC Lincoln Park member Grace P.

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