In late 2021, we asked our members, “What’s Your Day One?” Dozens of members shared their 2022 fitness goals with us, and we chose four members to follow on their journeys from Day One to Goal Accomplished! Let’s meet one of those members: Renu!

Renu has been an FFC member for 26 years, and she applied for our Day One Program with the goal of running a 5k. Renu moved to Chicago from Atlanta, where she regularly ran 5k and 10k races, but Chicago’s cold weather has kept her from developing a regular running routine in recent years. She hopes that participating in our program will help her recommit to running.

“I haven’t run in a long time,” Renu said. “For me, it’s more of the process to get ready [to run a race] that is motivating to me.”

A lifelong exerciser, Renu enjoys yoga, cycling and swimming in addition to running.

“I’ve always exercised, however, the intensity and frequency have varied based on what’s happening in life,” Renu said.

After suffering an unexpected personal loss in 2020, Renu is excited to have this goal and this program as “an integral part of moving forward and starting a new chapter.” She aims to become physically and mentally stronger and be a role model of strength and resilience for her daughter and family.

“I just want to feel strong again,” Renu said. “I want to strive to be able to say, ‘This is the healthiest I’ve been’.”

Renu is also looking forward to having the support of the FFC community as she trains for race day.

“I think the pandemic has isolated so many people, and this [program provides] a community to be a part of that’s focused on being healthy.”

Week 1

As part of the Day One program, Renu is paired with FFC Personal Trainer Nick Rodriguez who will help her train for her upcoming race. Renu and Nick will train together for 12 weeks leading up to race day, and before her first training session, Renu said she felt “energized and eager and hopeful that [she] can match [her] energy with what [she’ll] be doing in the next three months.”

Nick said his priority for their first few training sessions together is to get to know Renu and her goals so he can build a program that will help her prepare for her race.

“It will be interesting to see how her endurance and her cardio is today and then in the next couple of months, how much that progresses,” Nick said.

With a big goal ahead of her, Renu is ready to get the ball rolling on her training.

“Anytime there is a big project or big task ahead of you, the best way to tackle it is to start. So that’s what I want to do: start and not overthink it,” Renu said.

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Week 2

During Week 2 of her program, Renu has her second training session with Nick.

“Nick said I have a lot more in me to unlock,” Renu said. “I’m already feeling a little bit better and I have a lot more that I am excited to explore.

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Week 3

As Renu continues her training with Nick, she checks out the Recovery Lounge at FFC Gold Coast and tells us how she’s feeling so far.

“I’ll tell you, this program, it keeps you honest,” Renu said. “I’m trying, and I’m really excited and a little bit nervous if I’m going to be able to meet my goal, but we’ve got a plan and Nick is awesome.”

Week 4

In addition to her weekly training sessions, Renu receives monthly massages at the FFC Spa to help her relax and recover over the course of the program. In our week 4 episode, Renu shares the importance of massage in her routine.

“I’ve gotten [a massage] at the club before, and I’ve always wondered why I don’t do it more often,” Renu said. “It helps you to reset your mind and your body, and it’s nice to do it at a familiar place every time.”

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Stay up-to-date with Renu’s journey by following along on our YouTube channel!

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Post written by FFC Contributor Natalie Casper.