When FFC asked me to write a blog for the website my first reaction was, “It’s me, Pete. You got the wrong guy!” When they asked again, I said, “When did you get a liquor license… because you must be drunk!” I finally agreed to do this because I wanted to share with everyone the secrets to success. Yep, they’re all right here for you to grab and use.

The question we ALL need to ask ourselves is, “What is MY why?” What motivates me? Find your “WHY” and run with it. I like BEER, so I work out. Thanks. The end.

(What? I need to type more? Really? Damn it. Ok.)

4 Secrets to Success by Pete McMurray1. SCHEDULE your workouts.

I’m just like you: It’s a struggle to work out some days. I have a kid. Both my wife and I work. We have a dog. I work a few jobs. I volunteer. I coach. It’s nuts. But, we ALL juggle life. Get over it. Think about the most successful things you’ve done in life. Sports, work, volunteering – they ALL have one thing in common; they have a schedule.

You don’t randomly show up for work whenever you want. You don’t randomly show up for a game whenever you want. Make a SCHEDULE and stick to it. Work out at the same time weekly. If someone said, “Hey, if you work out the same time every week for a month, I’ll give you a million dollars.” Could you? Yep, you could. So, do it! Schedule, schedule, schedule.

2. Have a PLAN.

What do you like to do? You hate spinning, but love floor work? Great – do floor work.
Love the elliptical, but hate Jacobs Ladder? Great – do the elliptical. When you go to the club, have a PLAN and know EXACTLY what you’re going to do. DON’T waste your time (you’re busy, remember).

I take classes – Austin or DC’s spinning class, Tread Express or (I ABSOLUTELY HATE) Lois’ Saturday Formula 94 class. It’s 94 degrees, you hold dumbbells in your hands & move your body for 45 minutes – what’s fun about that? The END of the class, that’s what. I try and do it every Saturday morning. Why? Because Lois and the people make it fun. When I’m done I feel like a million dollars (she is the best and her 80’s & 90’s playlist rocks!).

3. Find your WHY.

Bear with me on this, because I’m going deep here. I come from a family of 12 kids (I’m #6). High cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease runs in my family. As for my immediate family? My dad died of liver cancer, my sister Mary is a breast cancer survivor, my brother Jonny is a prostate cancer survivor and my brother Mark is a kidney cancer survivor. Yep, cancer runs in my family. I have a beautiful wife, wonderful son and a pooch. I love traveling, having beers with friends and living life to the fullest. THIS is my WHY.

Pete McMurray with fellow member Linda at FFC4. Radar UP – #PEAKSTATE

I try to say hello to a lot of people when I get to the club. I’ve found that if you say, “Good morning! What’s your name?” People will tell you. I have met so many people just by saying hello. Linda is one of my faves. Linda turned me on to Formula 94 class, Chisel class and knows everyone in the club. My guys, like Richard lifting weights, Dan the Monday & Wednesday workout guy, MAT specialist Bill Busch (usually giving me a motivational speech), Ainsley running like crazy on the treadmill, big Kirby, Ari, Greg, the trainer talking sports or club general manager Bob taking turns with me on Jacobs Ladder.

LIFT your head, turn your RADAR on and say hello to people. When the radar is up, life happens. We call that #PEAKSTATE

Putting it all together.

Do you think running is fun? Lifting weights on a rainy Monday at 8 AM enjoyable? No, but we work out because we feel so much better… AND WE WANT TO BE HEALTHY. I keep motivational quotes in my phone because I’m a nut bag. Let me leave you with this:

“Life has no remote. Get UP and change it yourself.”

About Pete

Pete McMurray can be heard as a host on the radio on WGN Radio 720 AM, seen on television on “Fox Kickoff Sunday” Fox 32 and usually seen at FFC Lincoln Park. You can follow along with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @petemcmurray. #PEAKSTATE

Pete McMurray and Lois at Formula 94 heated group exercise class FFC in Chicago

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