Have you noticed a new piece of equipment show up to the cardio area of your club over the last few weeks? Or perhaps it’s been there for some time but you’ve yet to try it out because of its unique, spaceship-like concave design. That new piece of equipment is a manual treadmill – the Woodway Curve – an evolution to the traditional treadmill.

The Curve is not belt-driven and has no motor. It is completely self-propelled, meaning you produce all the energy to power the machine and it more closely resembles outdoor running conditions then the traditional treadmill. Because of this, the Curve is great for all fitness levels and is a great tool for weight loss, sports conditioning and interval training.

How Do You Use the Woodway Curve Treadmill?

  • Start by stepping on from the side, into the bottom of the Curve.
  • Hold on to the rails and begin to walk at a controlled pace with short strides.
  • Once you feel controlled and are comfortable, increases your speed by walking higher up the Curve with longer strides.
  • When you’re at a steady pace (such as a light jog or run), release the rails.
  • Jog or run for as long as tolerable.
  • Dismount the treadmill by grabbing the rails and moving your feet to the sides, off the belt.

Try this Sample Woodway Curve Treadmill Workout

Now that you’ve got the gist of how to use the Curve, let’s turn your training up a notch!

Here’s a workout for that can be done on the Woodway Curve manual treadmill (though this workout can also be done on any treadmill, in any running scenario).

1. Walk, jog or run 1 mile

2. Every 1/10th / .1 mile, step off the treadmill using the above procedure and perform…

  • 5 squat jumps and 5 push-ups (beginners)

– or –

  • 10 burpees (advanced)

3. Reduce distance and repetitions to suit your fitness level.

4. Note the time it takes to complete the task. Repeat once a week with the goal of matching or producing a faster time of completion.

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The Woodway Curve will add a new twist to any treadmill workout. Give this a try the next time you are in the club, in place of your normal cardio run – it’s a great way to spice up your steady-state run workout by turning it into an interval workout to target multiple energy systems. Because it’s a manual treadmill it’s also highly efficient: for the time it takes, it burns massive calories!

Please note: take your time and focus on moving safely before you add intensity to any workout. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask a personal trainer for assistance. It is our mission to help our members produce great results. We’d love to assist you in any way possible towards doing so!

About Marques

Marques is a master personal trainer at FFC East Lakeview specializing in weight loss, strength and conditioning for sports-specific activities. His mission is to help you find the path to becoming the best YOU that you can be. Want to set up a complimentary consultation with Marques? Email him at mchaplin@ffc.com! You can also check out his printable workout here – bring it with you the next time you go to the gym!