There is a LOT of information on nutrition out there – especially in this day and age! What do you do when you find varying facts, opinions and best practices The FFC Registered Dietitians have taken care of that for you and compiled a list of their favorite nutrition books and food documentaries. Check them out!

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Top Nutrition Books

  • In Defense of Food (Michael Pollan) – a great read-turned-documentary, this book explores the Western diet and its “edible food-like substances” that will keep you interested and educated.
  • Salt Sugar Fat (Michael Moss) – the food version of “big Pharma”, this read explores the processed world of “big food in America” to look at the reasoning of decisions made in the industry and the impact on products.
  • Mindless Eating (Brian Wansink) – a look at different studies conducted by Brian Wansink, a professor of consumer behavior, into what causes mindless eating.
  • The Good Gut (Erica & Justin Sonnenburg) – this book covers the impact good bacteria has on weight management and our immune system.
  • Food Rules (Michael Pollan) – an outline of 64 straightforward principles to help us decide what we should be eating.

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Top Nutrition Films

  • That Sugar Film – a good insight on what sugar actually does to the human body, and sneaky places it finds its way into our diets to watch out for.
  • Fed Up – a look into why our population is increasingly having adverse reactions to and getting sick from the food we’re eating.
  • The Men Who Made Us Fat – a 3-part series that includes information on food policy, as well as a deep dive into food marketing and messaging.
  • Supersize Me – a social experiment exploring what happens when you eat only things you can order off of the McDonald’s menu for a month (as demonstrated by director Morgan Spurlock.)
  • Forks Over Knives – a look at what happens when the concept of “food as medicine” is applied, with great information about plant-based diets.

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