In late 2021, we asked our members, “What’s Your Day One?” Dozens of members shared their 2022 fitness goals with us, and we chose four members to follow on their journeys from Day One to Goal Accomplished! Emily is now more than halfway to her goal to squat 180 pounds.

Emily’s program has flown by over the past 8 weeks, and she’s well on her way to squatting 180 pounds with the help of her FFC Personal Trainer Kyle Decker. In addition to her weekly training sessions, Emily has had the chance to test her RMR and VO2 Max at FFC as well as receive therapeutic massages at the FFC Spa. Let’s take a look back at weeks 5 – 8 of Emily’s journey.

Week 5

As part of the Day One program, Emily gets a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test and a VO2 Max test.

RMR tests, administered by a Registered Dietitian at FFC, tell the test-taker what their basic metabolic needs are at rest, which comes in handy when fueling your body and meeting nutritional needs.

The VO2 Max test, administered by a FFC Personal Trainer, provides intel around your oxygen consumption during a workout and your personal heart-rate zones.

Emily shared her excitement right before receiving her tests at the club.

“I’ve worn a heart monitor once or twice but never really tracked [my heart rate during a workout], and I’m pretty excited to see how this will go,” Emily said.

Emily learned some found valuable pieces of information from her VO2 Max test.

“I actually found out that I have excellent recovery and a great potential for stamina,” Emily said. “[I found out] I’m in a superior fitness level, so that’s really cool to hear, and it means I have no excuses anymore!”

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Week 6

At the halfway mark in her program, Emily shares how she’s feeling about her training plan so far and what has surprised her about her journey.

“The most interesting thing I have learned during this process is seeing how much everything blends with each other,” Emily said.

She’s been careful to stick with her nutrition plan and her four workouts per week from her trainer Kyle, while incorporating rest days, stretching and getting a good night’s sleep.

“Seeing it all in action makes me realize how much discipline [it takes] and how proud I am so far at this halfway point that I’ve been careful to do this to the best of my abilities,” Emily said. “Kudos to everybody who works really hard to incorporate [training] in your life and doesn’t have a whole package deal because it’s hard, it really is.”

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Week 7

Therapeutic massage at the FFC Spa is a wonderful way for strength trainers to incorporate recovery into their training routine. Emily received a massage with FFC Massage Therapist Arthur Green at our FFC East Lakeview Spa.

“The reason I would have [strength trainers] come in and get a massage is because there’s a battle going on with your muscles every time you contract them, relax them, every day you work out,” Arthur said.

In addition to getting regular massages, Arthur recommends a spending a good amount of time stretching after workouts to prolong the amount of time needed between massage appointments.

Of course, those who strength train regularly aren’t the only people who can benefit from massage.

“Almost everybody has some kind of stress build-up in their upper back, in their rotator cuff muscles,” Arthur said. “If you feel little bumps in your [back muscles], that’s probably an indication that you’ve got knots, and they really need to be worked out with the compression of the magic thumb.”

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Week 8

A few weeks before her big lift, Emily wakes up to some pain in her arm, making her nervous about her ability to complete her program injury-free.

“It kind of worries me because I only have about two and half weeks left until my major lift,” Emily said. “I just feel a little guilty for not being more careful.”

Stay up-to-date with Emily’s journey by following along on our YouTube channel!

Post written by FFC Contributor Natalie Casper.