In June 2015, I had the realization that I was at my highest weight. I had been in denial that I was gaining weight for a few years prior to that; the weight had just inched its way on over time. This weight gain was greatly due to secretly binging on comfort food and snacks in order to soothe my emotions and numb my stress. Before binging, I would yo-yo diet. I would lose weight but would then gain all of the weight back plus more. I finally had to accept what I had read for years – diets don’t work! I decided to make the highly recommended “lifestyle change” of eating healthy and exercising.

Weight Loss Success Starts with Nutrition

With the help of a nutritionist, I finally changed my eating habits to be nutritious and healthy without any calorie restriction. My nutritionist has helped me discover healthy foods that I like. Eating nutritiously feels good. I have so much more energy now. I’ve learned to eat a proper balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

I am able to track these macronutrients, along with my daily caloric intake, using the MyFitnessPal app. Tracking my food intake every day has been a critical component of my weight loss. It helps keep me honest and accountable of what I’m eating and keeps me aware of how many calories I have remaining for the day. I’ve been told that nutrition is 80% of losing weight so eating nutritiously and having portion control is a daily effort.

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Personal Training Has Made All the Difference

My favorite part of losing weight has been incorporating exercise into my daily life. When I hit my highest weight, I joined FFC Gold Coast and requested a personal trainer. I knew that I needed guidance for which exercises would help me lose weight and how to use the machines. Also, I needed support, motivation and encouragement. I was paired with trainer Jessica Korda, and I’ve been working with her ever since.

She took the time to understand my weight loss goals and the reasons I felt I needed help from a trainer. She customized an exercise plan that would help me reach my goals. Jessica uses full bodyweight lifting, strength and resistance training, and cardio techniques with me. She’s taught me that spot-training doesn’t work. All of the exercises we do contribute to overall weight loss in the body. She’s taught me the importance of building muscle mass in order to burn extra calories at rest.

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Fitness is Enjoyable

Working with Jessica, I’ve discovered many new favorite exercises: deadlifts, bench presses, weighted squats, and all weight machines. I have really surprised myself at how strong I actually am. I also participate weekly in a HIIT class that is part of the Performance Training Center. This class helps burn additional calories while causing rapid shifts in heart rate. These shifts help to burn more calories. The class is challenging, but the instructor, people and music make it a lot of fun.

In order to make a lifestyle change, I had to ask for help. That’s why I involved the help of a nutritionist and personal trainer. I could not have changed my lifestyle and lost 65 lbs on my own – I wasn’t mentally or emotionally strong enough. I needed guidance, encouragement, instruction and support. I had to accept that weight loss would be a slow and steady process and would require my patience. I have lost 65 lbs over the last 18 months which is just under an average loss of 1 lb/wk. I’m not at my goal weight, but I’m definitely on my way and I know 100% I will reach it!

Heather’s 4 Tips for Finding Success with Weight Loss

  • Weight loss is a slow and steady journey. You need to have patience. With a slow and steady approach, weight loss can be sustainable.
  • Spending money to get help from a personal trainer and nutritionist is an investment in your health. You are worth investing in yourself.
  • Both good nutrition and exercise should become part of your daily lifestyle change. They are necessary to maintaining a healthy body inside and out.
  • Break a large weight loss goal down into smaller weight loss goals (5 lb loss or even 2 lb loss). Achieving these small goals provide a positive feeling of accomplishment and pride.

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