FFC West Loop esthetician breaks down some skin care routine best practices, including 5 reasons you should see an esthetician!

Why should I see an esthetician?

Having a regular, at-home skin care routine and regimen with your esthetician is important. Regular exfoliation and extractions ensure you’re in the clear!

We tend to care about the surface more than we care about what’s underneath. We’re willing to spend a TON on hair products and makeup – instead we should be investing in our skin care and scalp!

How often should I see an esthetician?

You should see your esthetician every three weeks. #treatyoself! Why are we always so quick to do everything for everyone except ourselves? It’s okay to have an hour to yourself every 3 weeks. If no one else tells you that, now I have!

What can an esthetician do for my skin care routine?

When it comes to the offerings of your skin care expert, there are a few things estheticians can do, including:

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Exfoliation & Extractions

What are these? Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells that trap bacteria, oil and dirt under the skin, which tend to cause breakouts. Exfoliation is great to help correct hyperpigmentation (darkened patches or spots on the skin). Extractions remove sebum, oil, blackheads and whiteheads from the skin, which clear out the pores. Exfoliation and extractions are essential for good skin and should be part of your skin care routine.


When it comes to your skin care routine and shaving vs waxing or lasering – I’m gonna keep it real. Shaving will cause you irritation, bumps, breakouts and a ton of hyperpigmentation.

Lasering isn’t for everyone – if your hair is too light, the laser won’t be able to find it; if your skin is too dark, the laser can burn you.

Yes, waxing does hurt, but staying consistent not only lessens the pain over time, but will also lessen your hair growth. As long as you don’t shave, trim or tweeze between your sessions, your hair follicles will die and that hair won’t grow back!

Counteract Sun Damage

Why do we still think SPF is an option? Sun damage to your skin is detrimental and very hard to reverse (though certain treatments can help). Skin cancer is NEVER worth it. You not only should apply, but re-apply, especially when spending time in the sun.

Your esthetician can help you navigate all the types of SPF – serums, lotion, even in your makeup! Invest in products that not only make you look good, but also make your skin feel good.

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Post written by FFC West Loop esthetician Ariana Wade.

About Ariana

Ariana (Ari) went to Paul Mitchell the School for esthetics and finished back in 2015. She dove right into the industry & she absolutely loves skincare and making people feel beautiful. Fun fact about her: she is actually back in school to receive her license for teaching esthetics.

You will always be in good hands with her! For any questions or to set up a complimentary consultation with her at the one of the FFC spas in Chicago, email her at awade@ffc.com!