As the leaves and the weather start to change, so will your fitness routine. The days of just heading out the door and going for a run are becoming limited and it’s time to reconnect with a health club – here’s everything you need to get back into a gym routine.

Before we get to the fitness part, we have to talk about the food. Festivals, BBQs, and baseball games are over, so be sure to make some time to the grocery store and stock up your fridge with healthy, convenient foods. It’s critical to establish your routine this time of year before the holidays approach and you’re fighting against holiday parties, food, and booze.

You’re usually more active in the summer months so plan on hitting the gym at least 3 days a week. The return to a gym routine means actually having to plan what you do and can even create anxiety for some. You’re not alone in your hesitation, here are some tips to help you get working out again!

1. Check out a new class.

Why not? You have nothing to lose- except maybe those few pounds you packed on Labor Day weekend. And who knows, maybe Zumba will become your “new” guilty pleasure – no one is drinking Sangria now that the weather is getting cooler!

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2. Ask about a complimentary personal training session.

This is a great starting point/way to advance your workouts. It’s a trainer’s job to help people reach their fitness goals, or at least discover what they are. Worst case scenario, you’ll get your butt kicked for an hour and best case you might get a date, it happens more often than you think.

3. Find a workout partner.

Go with a co-worker who’s on the same schedule as you, or ask a friend, partner, spouse – you can complain and be sore together. Or connect with a person you always see at the gym the same time as you and set a day/time to meet- the key is being accountable to someone besides yourself.

With any workout partner, try to motivate each other not to miss a workout. If you want to take it to the next level, the one that cancels owes the other something – coffee, lunch, a massage – get creative – have fun with it.

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You got this, see you at the gym!

Post written by FFC Park Ridge group fitness instructor Julia Baraglia.

About Julia

Julia is a group fitness instructor at FFC Park Ridge and is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being. She believes working out is just as important for your mental health as your physical health – and definitely gets this as a mom of 3 young boys! Check out the group fitness schedule to see her class lineup and email her at with any questions!


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