I LOVE the squat! Not only do squats provide a complete full-body workout, but they also tone and strengthen the muscles in the lower limbs (especially those glutes!), and burn a ton of calories too.

Squats are simply great for sculpting the body. Check out these 6 reasons why you should love to squat too, plus a simple 30-minute workout to try on your own!

30 Minute Workout: the squat and why they're so amazing for you

Reasons Why Squats Are So Amazing

1) Improve your circulation.

Squats get the blood pumping throughout your entire body. Good circulation = more nutrients and oxygen to vital organs.

2) Build muscle through the entire body.

Need we say more?

3) No equipment is necessarily needed.

This exercise move can be done anywhere! In fact, I sometimes do ~25 squats in the middle of my workday or right before bed.

4) Burn fat and help you lose weight.

5) Tone the muscles in your legs.

So much muscle! Want another lower-body workout? Check out this post.

6) Give you a rounder and fuller backside!

Practice Proper Squat Form

To prevent injury and reap the benefits of the squat, proper form must be attained.

*Please note, this information is very specific to a person’s biomechanics and anatomy. Typically, a hip-width or slightly wider stance with feet pointed slightly outward is ideal, but what’s more important is that your hips, knees and feet are in alignment and tracking properly during the movement.

30-Minute Squat Workout

  • 3 sets of 50 warmup squats w/15 of weight lb (Note: if this is too much, just do 1 set of 50 reps!)
  • 20 jumping squats with 10 lb ball
  • 20 square squats with 12-17.5 lb of weight
  • 20 jumping squats with 10 lb ball
  • 20 wide squats with 12-17.5 lb of weight
  • 20 jumping squats with 10 lb ball
  • 20 sumo squats with 12-20 lb of weight

Please feel free to do any of these exercises without any weights!

Post written by FFC Oak Park Personal Trainer Cherita Ousley.

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