In late 2021, we asked our members, “What’s Your Day One?” Dozens of members shared their 2022 fitness goals with us, and we chose four members to follow on their journeys from Day One to Goal Accomplished! Renu is now more than halfway to race day as she trains to run a 5k.

It’s been eight weeks since Renu had her first training session with FFC Personal Trainer Nick Rodriguez. In addition to her weekly training sessions, Renu has been working with FFC Registered Dietitian Kathy Chung, hitting the streets to practice the route for her upcoming 5k and more. Let’s take a look back at weeks 5 – 8 of Renu’s training.

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Week 5

Renu has been working hard to fit in the time for her workouts and training sessions. In Week 5, Renu shares how she and Nick had to reschedule their session to an early Saturday morning – a time when Renu says she is normally asleep. Early bird gets the worm!

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Week 6

Week 6 marks the halfway point of Renu’s Day One program, and Renu laces up her sneakers to give the 5K route a test run.

“I hadn’t run outside in awhile and it was really helpful because it kept me honest,” Renu said. “I had to run/walk more than I thought I would, but I’m looking forward to [race day].”

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Week 7

FFC Registered Dietitian Kathy Chung has been working with Renu throughout her program, and Renu said she has started to make great changes in both what and when she eats.

One of the biggest changes Renu has made is adjusting her nutrition during a busy day.

“You don’t always have time to have a proper meal, so being able to stock your office with healthy things that you can grab without having to think is important,” Renu said.

Renu also learned the importance of eating before and after her workouts, and she hopes that her nutrition counseling with Kathy will help her continue to be more mindful about how she fuels her body.

“I think we’ve worked to help improve her relationship with food, [which in general] is our overall goal,” Kathy said. “We also worked on helping her fuel properly for her fitness, her workouts, her training sessions and hopefully her 5K.”

Week 8

During Week 8, we take an inside look at Renu’s training sessions with Nick. It’s the final week of training before the big race! Stay tuned to find out how Renu’s journey to run a 5K ends!

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Stay up-to-date with Renu’s journey by following along on our YouTube channel!

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Post written by FFC Contributor Natalie Casper.