In late 2021, we asked our members, “What’s Your Day One?” Dozens of members shared their 2022 fitness goals with us, and we chose four members to follow on their journeys from Day One to Goal Accomplished! Renu has completed her 12-week program – did she accomplish her goal to run a 5k? Find out below.

In March, Renu began her 12-week journey to train for a 5k through our Day One program. Let’s take a look back at weeks 9 – 11 of Renu’s program to see if she accomplished her goal!

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Week 9

During our Week 9 video, we talk to both Renu and her trainer Nick to see how they’re feeling about the upcoming race and Renu’s progress throughout the program.

“When I take a step back and look at how I felt when I applied for this [program], I feel a lot stronger [now], I feel more optimistic,” Renu said.

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Her trainer, Nick, is thrilled with the progress Renu made throughout her training program.

“Over the course of the [program], I’ve seen dramatic improvements out of [Renu] just in terms of her range of motion, her strength, her endurance, ” Nick said. “She was able to persevere through a lot, so I really feel that for this race, she will be able to persevere just because she has that mental grit.”

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Week 10

It’s race day for Renu! Watch the video above to see Renu take on the Lincoln Park Zoo 5K!

Week 11

Renu’s Day One Program comes to a close after she accomplishes her goal to run a 5K! In our last video, we check in with Renu after her race to hear how the program has impacted her life.

“I feel most definitely that this is a beginning,” Renu said. “I don’t think of this as a finish at all but rather a start of how good it feels to achieve something you didn’t think you could do.”

So what’s up next for Renu? She plans to keep on running and already has her next goal in mind.

“To be able to run 3 to 5 miles on a more regular basis in my next goal,” Renu said.

Congratulations, Renu, on accomplishing your Day One goal! We are so excited to see what you do next!

Check out all of our Day One participants’ journeys by following along on our YouTube channel!

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Post written by FFC Contributor Natalie Casper.