Fitness Tips

Man running on treadmill with headphones on listening to music

Get Better Fitness Results with Workout Music

A classically trained musician since age four, FFC member Kelly Richards can’t recall life without rhythm and melody. Throughout college and corporate life, music remained a focus as she kept close watch over the evolving scenes of favorite genres –…

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Benefits of exercise for aging populations

Invaluable Benefits of Exercise for Aging Populations

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a well-rounded diet and exercise program. Though a wellness-focused lifestyle has always been important, recent studies have shown the growing correlation between exercise and lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol, the reduction…

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Pilates: the cross-training powerhouse workout you should try - Chicago's Pilates studios

Pilates: The Cross-Training Powerhouse Workout

It’s no secret that Pilates and dance have a long history together. Although Joseph Pilates worked with and developed cross-training exercises specifically for many different types of athletes, including boxers, soldiers and circus performers, it was his relationship to ballet…

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