Despite the crazy fact that only two U.S. states actually produce coffee (Hawaii and California, in case you were wondering), you can bet U.S. citizens drink a LOT of coffee. An average of 3.1 cups per day, in fact! We’ve rounded up a list of all the best coffee spots you should check out in Chicago’s Boystown below. Happy caffeinating!

Aje Café – 2942 N Clark St

Okay, maybe we just wanted to include Aje Café because of its stellar sandwich list, but rest assured, they DO serve coffee and their drinks are delicious. With a cozy vibe, free wifi for customers (they just kindly ask that you make a purchase) and a plethora of places to sit, this spot is ideal for your morning coffee or your afternoon pick-me-up.

Aje Café is locally owned and a great way to support small businesses. Additionally, they love to highlight art from local creatives, which never hurts if you’re looking for a place to work and get your creative juices flowing!

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Maison Parisienne – 3307 N Clark St

Sometimes you just need a quick getaway (especially when it comes to winter in Chicago, eek!). Look no further than Maison Parisienne for a jaunt across the Atlantic. With chic vibes and traditional French faire, you can be sure to find something that will pair well with your caffeine fix. Plus, this shop is eco-conscious and uses compostable and biodegradable cups, lids, water cups and straws.

If you happen to stop by in the warmer weather, you can sip your cappuccino on ‘La Terrasse’ – a spacious outdoor garden in the middle of Lakeview. Fun fact: you can also rent La Terrasse for events – birthday parties, baby showers or even reunions!

Osmium Coffee Bar – 1117 W Belmont Ave

Dark Matter Coffee has been a staple of the Chicago coffee scene since 2007. They built their foundation on the ethos of sustainability and social responsibility; they work with aligned organizations and directly with farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico to cut out the middle man and support fair business practices.

Osmium is one of six Dark Matter locations in Chicago (fun fact: a number of FFC clubs actually carry Dark Matter coffee!) and a great destination for your coffee needs. Dark Matter roasts their own beans (lots of floral notes) and has been pioneering a barrel-aging program that lends a unique flavor to the drinks. Try a barrel-aged agave latte for extra complexity!

Pick Me Up Café – 3408 N Clark Street

Pick Me Up Café has been supplying Chicago with delicious drinks and food since 1997 and was one of the first locations in the area to offer vegan/vegetarian-centric dishes! Another unique attribute? You can get your java in frozen form: try the Cappuccino or Mocha shakes.

If you’re looking for a little pizzazz in your pick-me-up, try one of their seasonal concoctions. Some recent offerings include a latte spiked with Jameson and a chai latte spiked with spiced rum. Another bonus? Breakfast all day!

The Coffee & Tea Exchange – 3311 N Broadway

Are you starting to pick up a theme here? When it comes to good coffee, Boystown is one of the best for historically rich java. The Coffee & Tea Exchange dates back to 1975, when Steve (the original owner) roasted his beans right in the shop and displayed them in barrels to help inspire and educate customers on different types of coffee from around the world.

While they may love selling the beans (wholesale, in bulk or even in gift boxes), you can definitely get a good ole cup of joe to-go, too. Want something a little fancier than your basic black? Don’t worry – they have an extensive specialty drink menu. Past creations have even included riffs on your favorite FRIENDS/Central Perk drinks!

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Whatever time of day you’re looking for a java jolt, you’ll definitely be able to hit the spot at one of these best coffee shops in Boystown. From lunchtime coffee cafes to breakfast-all-days, this should be all the convincing you need to keep this list handy!

Post written by FFC Contributor Megan Zink.