Kristin Johansson is a group fitness instructor at FFC. Check out her curated playlist!

Curated workout playlist by FFC's Kristin

About Kristin: Kristin graduated from Miami of Ohio with a B.S. in dietetics and exercise physiology with a minor in dance performance. Having 25+ years of teaching experience, she loves to share the “love” of hard work and results. Her introduction to each new student: “you may hate me during the next 45 minutes, but after that, we are going to be the best of friends.” She is a former professional dancer and was featured in the halftime show at the Fiesta Bowl in 1992. She loves dogs more than anything and makes the best popcorn.

Go to workout song: Anything Kelly Clarkson!

Why music is so important related to fitness: Being a dancer, music motivates me to move. It turns on my brain, allows me to push harder and for longer.

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