FFC Union Station Pilates instructor Nicole Gibson highlights two articles that cover some common myths about Pilates… busted! Check out her insights below.

Article: 6 Biggest Myths About Pilates (Women’s Health)

Brief Summary: the top 6 myths about Pilates, busted. Everything you think you know about Pilates, especially if you have never tried the fitness format before, will be completely changed.

Thoughts: this article is so great. It’s a quick read and an eye-opener for those who don’t really know what Pilates truly is. While there are many more myths out there, these 6 really get the ball rolling on setting the facts straight. I really enjoy how Danni Gilham (author) phrases each of her answers. You know instantly that she is knowledgeable on this subject.

I also completely agree with Gilham when she says she “always [recommends] new clients do their research, talk to the experts and find out what type of Pilates is best for the results they want to achieve”. It is so important to do your research, no matter what workout regimen you want to try, to find the best way to achieve your fitness goals. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, which is the great thing about Pilates because it is constantly being tailored to the body that is practicing it.

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Article: Pilates vs. Yoga (Pilates Method Alliance)

Brief Summary: yoga and Pilates are similar in the sense of a total body workout and achieving similar goals (i.e., flexibility, strength, postural alignment). However, their intentions are different. Yoga is meditative where Pilates is a systematic approach to physical movement.

Thoughts: I love this article because instead of pitting two great forms of exercise against one another, it simply and matter-of-factly describes how they are different. When I first started my Pilates training, I would get the question “Pilates, that’s like yoga, right?” and become slightly irritated. This article opened my eyes and mind to the similarities, as well as an appropriate way to distinguish, and describe, the two. My favorite sections of this article are the “Origins” and “Mind Body Connection” sections. I believe these are the most informative of the whole article and really clear up any confusion between what Pilates is and what Yoga is

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Article write ups written by FFC Union Station Pilates Instructor Nicole Gibson.

About Nicole

Nicole is a PMA-certified Pilates instructor at FFC Union Station She is from Hinsdale, IL and comes from a dance background. Nicole came to FFC to share her love and knowledge of Pilates and to provide quality, low-impact movements to enhance strength, flexibility, stability, coordination, and mobility throughout the entire body. 

Overall, her goal is to have her clients feeling good and be able to do anything they set their minds to. Want to learn more about the benefits of Pilates or set up a complimentary session with her? Email her at ngibson@ffc.com!